October 11, 2018

ETT Endorsement


Toronto — October 11, 2018: The Elementary Teachers of Toronto (ETT), a Local of the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO), represents the 11,000 dedicated and hard-working teachers in Toronto's public elementary schools and is an important leader in promoting action on equity and social justice in our province and city. I am honoured that the ETT has decided to endorse me for Mayor of Toronto.

I know that our schools play not only a central role in shaping our children’s future, but are also important hubs in communities across the city. Schools play a key role in our community recreation system — playgrounds and fields double as parks and green space, and school facilities are home to thousands of hours of city sports programs, swim classes, children’s activities, and more.

That’s why I’m committed to working with the Toronto District School Board, teachers, and parents to make sure our schools remain active parts of our neighbourhoods.

Teachers see the struggles facing families in our city every day; they see first-hand the impact of families struggling with the high cost of housing, long commutes, and unsafe streets. They play an invaluable role as support systems in our communities, and I’ve in turn pledged to do what I can to support them in those efforts.

That’s why I’ve proposed 100,000 new rental homes that middle class families can afford, and a Rent-to-Own program to help young families make the leap from renting to home ownership. It’s why I’ve proposed a network transit plan that brings great transit to every part of the city, to shorten commutes and get families back together every day more quickly. And it’s why I’ve set forth an ambitious road safety plan to redesign the city’s 100 most dangerous intersections and to ensure that every school zone is safe by design, so that parents can rest assured that their children will be safe walking to and from school.

I’m proud to stand with our city’s teachers today and I look forward to working with them and with parents across the city to build a better Toronto that works for every family.