October 13, 2018

100 Day Action Plan


Toronto — October 13, 2018: Today, Jennifer Keesmaat laid out her action plan to deliver on key priorities for her first 100 days in office if she is elected mayor.

“I know what it takes to get things done at City Hall — you have to have a clear vision, a practical strategy for how to get things done, and the knowledge of how to execute that plan”, said Keesmaat. “We have some big issues facing our city that require immediate action and strong leadership to solve, and what I’m offering is a clear plan to get to work immediately to make housing more affordable and our streets safer, getting back on track with the relief line.”

Under Keesmaat’s leadership, the city can make significant headway on some of her key campaign commitments within the first 100 days of her taking office.

  • Assign a full-time, dedicated team to fast track work on Relief Line subway. A dedicated team reporting directly to the Mayor will immediately begin property acquisition for station locations, coordination of utility relocations, and secure construction partners for the work, while simultaneously completing the necessary design work.
  • Start work on tearing down the Gardiner Expressway east of Jarvis. The City will finalize the planning and design work for the construction of the grand boulevard and negotiate necessary contracts to get shovels in the ground.
  • Start building 100,000 purpose-built rental homes. The City will assemble the first bundle of City-owned lands and put out the tender to housing developers in order to get thousands of new homes in the construction pipeline.
  • Get Rent-to-Own underway. The City will formally request provincial amendments to property tax legislation to allow for a surtax on luxury homes worth more than $4 million, to secure a revenue stream to fund the program that will help young families make the leap from renting to home ownership.
  • Make streets safe with reduced speed limits and design improvements. The City will immediately reduce the speed limit on all residential roads to 30km/hour, identify the city’s 100 most dangerous intersections, and begin the design assessment of school zones to ensure they are safe by design.
  • Bring gender fairness to City Hall. The City will amend the rules governing citizen appointments to City Agencies, Boards, and Commissions to require gender parity within two years to get more women into leadership roles.

“A Mayor who has clear priorities and the expertise necessary to get things done can act immediately on a number of the most pressing issues facing our city. In my first 100 days, that’s exactly what I would do.”