September 11, 2018

Four Questions For John Tory


Jennifer Keesmaat was concerned to hear Premier Ford say yesterday that John Tory “says one thing behind closed doors and then says something totally different in front of the cameras,” and it’s just one of a number of important questions we must ask today. Keesmaat called on John Tory today to answer four questions to clear the air about how Toronto ended up in this unprecedented situation: 

  • Did John Tory have any discussions with Premier Ford, or past leaders of his party, including Patrick Brown, about expanding his powers or cutting the size of council in the last year?
  • If so, what was the nature of those discussions?
  • John Tory sat down with the Toronto Star on July 24th and said: “When Doug Ford speculates on a ‘strong mayor’ system I want to take him up on that.” [1] It was noted in the story that: “Ford repeated that idea ‘in passing’ to Tory during a private meeting this month” [2]. Why is John Tory okay with taking up Premier Ford on one offer made “in passing” but, when Premier Ford told him about his plan to cut Council, he said: “I didn’t take it seriously because it was such a short discussion and it was put forward in that category of musing” [3]?
  • It’s time for John Tory to clear the air and open the files on this one – will he release any and all text messages, emails, notebooks, direct messages, phone logs, or other forms of communication between himself or the Mayor’s staff and Premier Ford, Patrick Brown, or their staff in the last year?

“Premier Ford levelled a serious claim at John Tory yesterday. Given the serious turn of events, it’s time for John Tory to clear the air,” Keesmaat said. “Does John Tory have an understanding with his former party or not? The Premier seems to think so.”

It’s time for John Tory to be straight up with the people of Toronto about what role he played in getting us to this unprecedented place in our city’s history.