September 9, 2018

John Tory's Record


TORONTO -- September 9, 2018: John Tory doesn’t want to be held accountable for his record, so he is trying to invent a new one.

That was what his campaign launch was about today. But the people of Toronto won’t be fooled.

Toronto is less safe. John Tory’s signature commitment — “SmartTrack” — is a vote-buying mirage. And families are finding housing increasingly impossible to afford.

Here is John Tory’s real record of dithering and weak leadership:

  • During the last election, John Tory called a handgun ban an “empty gesture”. Only now, after four years and hundreds of shootings, is John Tory catching up with the people of Toronto on gun violence. John Tory should be accountable for that record.
  • John Tory promised to build 53 new kilometres of track for “SmartTrack”. Zero — not a single kilometre — of that track has or will ever be built. He promised to build 22 stations. Now, six new stations are currently planned to be added to the GO system at the City’s expense. John Tory should be held accountable for that record.
  • Today, John Tory criticized my goal of building 100,000 new affordable rental homes as overly ambitious, and defended his modest goal. He has much to be modest about when it comes to housing: Toronto recently surpassed Vancouver as the most expensive city in Canada in which to rent. Toronto is now the world’s ninth least affordable housing market. John Tory should be held accountable for that record, too.

John Tory got Toronto off the comedy shows around the world four years ago, and we should all thank him for that. But that’s not good enough anymore. Now we need leadership at City Hall that is actually about getting things done. With exciting new ideas and new people to make them happen.

Now that the campaign is in full swing, I look forward to numerous debates with Mr. Tory. Let’s talk about his real record. And let’s compare our plans.