Keesmaat Statement on Bill 5


TORONTO – September 10, 2018: I want to thank every single Torontonian who fought so hard over the last few weeks against the Premier's plan to upend our democracy without consulting the people – you are what standing up for Toronto looks like.

While today’s ruling is good news, we didn’t have to get here. When the chips were down, John Tory didn’t have our city's back and this entire episode has shown us that we need new leadership at City Hall – leadership that will stand up for Toronto when it matters most – that’s why I decided to run to be your Mayor. 

Toronto deserves leadership as strong, smart, and determined as the people who live here; that's what an amazing city like ours truly deserves. 

September 10, 2018
Contact: Beth Clarkson
(647) 354-3780

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