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Statement on Bill 5

Today at Toronto City Hall, Council will be meeting to decide its response to Doug Ford’s swipe at our democracy. I stand with all of you who have felt let down by your city’s leadership these last few weeks, and I applaud those who are fighting for Toronto’s interests. But it didn’t need to come to this. If we had a stronger mayor in the chair, Doug Ford would have thought twice before swooping in and upending our elections.

Campaign Rally Speech

We’re up against an ingrained and powerful political machine that wants to maintain the status quo at all costs. Come knock doors with me. Come join our volunteers and make some phone calls. Spread our message to your friends and neighbours and online. Head to our website and chip in whatever you can, even if it’s a toonie. Join me in fighting for a new vision to build a better Toronto that works for everyone. My name is Jennifer Keesmaat, and I’m running to be your mayor.

John Tory's Record

John Tory doesn’t want to be held accountable for his record, so he is trying to invent a new one. That was what his campaign launch was about. But the people of Toronto won’t be fooled. Toronto is less safe. John Tory’s signature commitment — “SmartTrack” — is a vote-buying mirage. And families are finding housing increasingly impossible to afford.

Keesmaat Statement on Bill 5

I want to thank every single Torontonian who fought so hard over the last few weeks against the Premier's plan to upend our democracy without consulting the people – you are what standing up for Toronto looks like. While today’s ruling is good news, we didn’t have to get here. When the chips were down, John Tory didn’t have our city's back and this entire episode has shown us that we need new leadership at City Hall.

Suspension of Charter

Toronto mayoral candidate Jennifer Keesmaat today condemned Premier Doug Ford’s decision to suspend the Canadian Charter of Rights to impose his cutback to Toronto City Council. “It is completely unacceptable to suspend the Canadian Charter of Rights in pursuit of old political grudges,” Keesmaat said. “And that is what this is about. Premier Ford did not campaign on this issue. He has no democratic mandate to do this."

Four Questions For John Tory

Jennifer Keesmaat was concerned to hear Premier Ford say yesterday that John Tory “says one thing behind closed doors and then says something totally different in front of the cameras”, and it’s just one of a number of important questions we must ask today. Keesmaat called on John Tory today to answer four questions to clear the air about how Toronto ended up in this unprecedented situation.

Rally For Toronto Speech

My name is Jennifer Keesmaat, and I’m running to be your mayor. I’ve been campaigning hard for over a month now. I’ve spoken to hundreds of Torontonians in Etobicoke, and in Scarborough, and in North York, and everywhere in between. And if there is one thing I’m hearin, from Six Points to Woburn, and from Leslieville to Yorkdale, it’s that a growing, hopeful, optimistic, forward-looking majority of Torontonians are quietly coming to agree that it’s time for change in Toronto.

Labour Council Endorsement

I am honoured that the Labour Council has decided to endorse me for Mayor of Toronto. For more than 140 years, the Labour Council has been fighting to protect and advance the rights of the men and women who have built our city and helped to make it the special place it is today. It represents more than 200,000 workers across the city, and is a vital partner in our shared goal of building a better city that works for everyone.

Plan to Bring Gender Fairness to City Hall

We’re standing outside of Old City Hall today because it was in this building 98 years ago that a woman first took her seat as an elected member of our city government. Constance Hamilton made history in 1920 when she was elected as a Councillor in Toronto. She was the lone female voice at the table. In the decades since, too many women in city government – whether on Council, around Board tables, or even in public service departments – have remained the lone female voice at any table.

ETT Endorsement

The Elementary Teachers of Toronto (ETT) represents the 11,000 dedicated and hard-working teachers in Toronto’s public elementary schools and is an important leader in promoting action on equity and social justice in our province and city, and I am honoured that the ETT has decided to endorse me for Mayor of Toronto.

Statement On Cannabis Legalization

I share the concern of many residents about what’s in store in this new world of legal cannabis, and we need to ensure that the character of our neighbourhoods isn't negatively affected. One concrete action we can take is to amend municipal zoning to prevent numerous cannabis stores from clustering in close proximity to each other and driving out neighbourhood businesses from our main streets. This is a change I will support if elected Mayor.