October 18, 2018

MPPs Endorse Jennifer Keesmaat For Mayor


Toronto — October 18, 2018: Today, four prominent women MPPs announced their endorsement of Jennifer Keesmaat for Mayor.

At a community event in Regent Park, where she originally launched her campaign, Keesmaat spoke about new endorsements from four leading women politicians. The four MPPs noted Keesmaat’s rigorous plans for housing and transit and her commitment to building strong communities in the inner suburbs.

Doly Begum, MPP for Scarborough Southwest, stressed Keesmaat’s engagement with suburban communities. “We need a mayor who recognizes the housing and transit needs of Toronto’s inner suburbs. I’m supporting Jennifer because she understands these issues, and is committed to building an inclusive city."

NDP Education Critic Marit Stiles praised Keesmaat’s commitment to schools. “Jennifer’s support for preserving our local schools as community hubs and as neighbourhood greenspace shows she sees the creative roles the city can play in supporting our education system, students, and parents. It’s my pleasure to support her as Toronto’s mayor.”

Keesmmat was joined in Regent Park by local MPP, Suze Morrison, who praised the candidate’s work on affordable housing. “Jennifer’s ambitious and practical plans for creating affordable housing are an exciting step forward for Toronto,” said Morrison. “I am excited to see a woman with Jennifer’s bold vision leading City Hall.”

University Rosedale MPP Jessica Bell stressed Keesmaat’s strong background in evidence-based transit planning, saying “Jennifer has the vision and experience necessary to fix our long commutes and build out critical transit projects like dedicated bus routes, LRTs, and the Relief Line subway. That’s why I am proud to support Jennifer Keesmaat for Mayor.”

Keesmaat was grateful for the strong support. “I am honoured to have these talented women support me in our work to build a better city,” Keesmaaat said. “Toronto needs real leadership and bold and creative ideas, and I look forward to working with these passionate advocates in getting this work done.”