July 30, 2018

Why I want to be your Mayor

Statement by Jennifer Keesmaat on the need for a bolder vision for Toronto.

I love this city, it’s in my bones, and I believe that we truly need leadership that will raise the bar, stand up for Toronto and fight to make our city more affordable, safe and liveable for everyone.

I am running for Mayor of Toronto because I believe a bolder vision is needed. We need a Mayor who can see the opportunities ahead through the eyes of those who live here, and who can summon our collective knowledge, skill and passion for this city to build something amazing, together. A great city like ours can’t reach its full potential without seizing the opportunity.

The challenges we face have been growing for many years but too little has been done to address them. Families are struggling to find affordable housing while the waiting lists get longer. We continue to spin our wheels on transit. We feel less and less safe on our streets with no plan to address the root causes. Our vital infrastructure is showing its age, costing us more to maintain, and all we see are plans and promises but no action. Somewhere along the line we lost our ability to think big and build this city together.

On top of all of this we now face the recent startling swipe at our democracy and once again, like so many times before, on the things that matter to our city our Mayor wasn’t there to stand up and push Toronto forward. That’s the last straw.

In the coming weeks my campaign will engage all parts of our city in a shared vision for Toronto. We’re facing some tough challenges and by working together we can solve them – that’s the Toronto way. We should allow ourselves to be creative and ambitious and be hopeful for something better. I’m asking you, the people of Toronto, to work with me to make this city a place where everyone can thrive and realize their full potential.